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      At SPCC Christian School the Bible is to be used as a reference point for our methods and our teaching. This is sometimes overt (for example in quoting scripture) and sometimes more implicit (in our style). We allow pupils to engage fully with current knowledge, research, thought and debate in all areas of study. The Christian faith will not be imposed upon the students, but rather they will be presented with a Christian perspective appropriate for their age and dependent on subject matter. In our pastoral care for students, our aim is to create an environment in which students are valued, respected and equipped to understand educational principles as stated in the National Curriculum and have the freedom to think about all matters concerning God.  Our goal will be to give an expression of care to every child and to help them realize that they are unique.  When behaviour needs correction, this will be handled professionally with love, understanding, and gentleness as referred to in our Behaviour Policy.

        As stated in our school’s Religious Ethos: ‘Our aim as a faith-based school will be to welcome children from all backgrounds and build character in our students based on values such as kindness, compassion, tolerance, faithfulness, love, and humility anchored in the Christian faith, thereby enabling them to become responsible members of society. We will introduce our students to the knowledge of the wonderful character of God that will encourage them to love God and others’.

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