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Pastor's Welcome


We are thrilled that you are considering SPCC Christian School.  It is our desire to support you, the parent, in the education of your children.  For years we have had a passion for a Christian school.  Our ambition is a school that provides a loving environment where students can think about all matters of life, including God. Also, a school where children would be set on a balanced foundation to live by.


As H. Van Dyke of Princeton University said, "In education, I would... concentrate attention on teaching men to use their powers of observation accurately, their powers of reasoning intelligently, their powers of imagination and sympathy vividly and their powers of will sanely and strongly- in short, to know things as they are, to conceive them as they might be, and to help make them as they ought to be.  That is the real purpose of education."


It is our desire to help you as you consider SPCC Christian School for your children.  We are completely available with any questions you may have.


Kind regards,


Raf Manzanares


Santa Ponsa Community Church (SPCC)

Principal's Welcome

Welcome parents and students!


My name is Zully Ruano and I am honored to serve as Principal of SPCC Christian School.  As a former primary and secondary teacher, I value the academic, social, and emotional development of each child.  I believe that all students are capable of extraordinary accomplishments! They have a huge capacity to make a difference in this world, and we have the privilege of walking alongside them.


What makes SPCC Christian School a unique place?  It is our commitment to academic excellence in a loving environment founded on the Christian faith. Students are challenged to ask tough questions, work hard in the classroom, and delve into the joys of all academic subjects. In my years of teaching and post-graduate studies in education, I have developed a deep passion to prepare students for lives of significance – developing critical thinking skills, creativity, faith, and compassion.


My goal is to work together with teachers, administrators, and parents to provide our students with a rich learning environment.  Together we form a strong partnership to ensure that all of our students receive an exceptional education. We are ready to start a great year of adventures in learning!


 I welcome you and hope that you will become part of the SPCC Christian School family. 




Zully Ruano


SPCC Christian School



Our vision is to provide a loving and learning environment in a non-profit, high standard, fully functioning Christian School.


Our purpose is to support parents in the laying of a balanced foundation in their children’s lives that they may build their future and success on it.

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Our fees will be aimed at covering the expenses of the school but with no distribution of profit, thereby making us cheaper than comparative private schools in Mallorca. Our focus and motivation will always be in the best interest of our students. Therefore, our purpose as a nonprofit school is to reinvest any surplus back into the students, teachers, facilities, and their development.

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Christian School

We will welcome children from all backgrounds.Our aim will be to build character in our students by giving a balanced education in science, arts and literature and based on values such as kindness, compassion, faithfulness, love, and humility but anchored in the Christian faith to enable them to become responsible members of society. We will introduce our students to the knowledge of the wonderful character of God that will encourage them to love God and others. Our staff will be composed of Christian administrators, teachers and support staff dedicated to teach and expose children to the Christian faith but without enforcing or indoctrinating them.

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Support parents

We believe that a child’s education starts in the home. Parents are their first teachers, and they have a key role in shaping their character and learning style. Our goal is to create a balanced education where both home and school mold a student’s learning. Working together with parents in a child’s education will enable the growth and long-term success of both student and school.

Balanced Foundation

Our goal is to teach students to be independent thinkers who can demonstrate the ability to; research, compile and analyze data. By using their critical thinking skills and learning about different world views, we will guide our students to bring rational solutions to what can often be seen as irrational problems, based on informed decisions about life and faith.

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Ecological and Environmental Values

SPCC Christian School will include social, ecological and environmental education. We aim to operate in a sustainable and ecological way in our premises and procurement practices.


We will promote environmental education for sustainable development, environmental quality and certification.


We will increase environmental awareness in the school community and with its stakeholders.


We will encourage habits in the school community of active participation and integration of environmental issues in all our decision making.

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Fully Functioning

We will provide a school based on academic excellence, with adequate classrooms, efficient teaching staff and a safe environment in which to learn.  We will add an additional class every year until we establish a full secondary school and thus become a Christian school for all ages.


Loving Learning Environment

Our aim is to create an environment in which students are valued, respected and equipped to understand educational principles (languages, arts, history, maths, and science) as well as having the freedom to think about all matters concerning God.  Our goal will be to give an expression of care to every child and to help them realize that they are unique.  They will be loved and encouraged to acknowledge that they make every day special by being themselves and that no one is like them.

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Join Our Team

SPCC Christian School is excited to welcome new staff on board. We are a school that is motivated and dedicated to provide academic excellence and good moral values based on the Christian faith to all of our students.

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Laying a balanced foundation in your child's life

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